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Halima Siraj Tower, Block-C, Holding- 1261, Ward-09, Chandpur,Adorsho Sadar, Cumilla-3500
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85/D, 3rd floor, purana Paltan lane, Dhaka-1000

2nd floor, GangDa, Science Park, No.1, Xinggong 1st Road, Hongxing Village, Guangming New District, Shenzhen.

Halima World


KM Sumon ( Managing Director )
Halima World, since 2008 at a 1200 square feet with no furniture & no clients but with hopes, dreams & iron-strong commitment, we are continuing our operation with optimum sincerity & also far more responsibility than merely telling lies for selling goods. A successful brand will allow your organization to recruit and retain high merit employees, attract new clients and triumph more business, charge a premium for your products and services and enhance the overall value of your business.

1. Brand Foundation
2. Brand Packaging
3. Brand Visuals

1. Brand Foundation
The first step is to create a new brand or revitalizing an existing brand which is our elementary vision, mission and values service. Generally Fast-growing and ambitious companies often don’t take more time to develop a clear and documented idea of what they want to achieve and what culture they would like to develop on the way to success. But our creativity, service & excellence are exceptional than others.

In words, vision, mission and values identify where the clients want to be, how it aims to get there and how it should conduct itself. Our approach is to develop clear objectives for no further out than three years (vision), a top-line plan for achieving the vision (mission) and a simple but compelling description of the organization’s values - how we want employees and management to behave while carrying out the mission. This pragmatic and enjoyable process involves both management and employees. Thus, we are fully committed to provide full satisfaction to our valued clients through our all round service capability.

2. Brand Packaging
This second step is to create a successful brand which is our Audience Definition and Message Development service. It's very easy for your employees and your marketing and sales collateral, to unwittingly communicate different things about your organization to different people. Unfortunately, when you send out mixed messages, it's unlikely that your audiences will perceive you in the way you want to be perceived. Similarly, if you haven't clearly defined your audiences, you could be sending the right message to the wrong people. All of which means your target audiences will be confused as to what your organization can offer them. Halima World visor’s Audience Definition and Message Development sessions will ensure consistency in all of your organization’s internal and external communications and help you better understand your audiences so that you target the right people with the right products and services. We do this by ensuring our clients' messages being simple, motivated, consistent and also committed.

3. Brand Visuals
The third step is to create a successful brand which is our Brand Visuals service which concentrates on the visual design aspects of the brand. We blend creativity and pragmatism to create a visual representation of your organization. This process will draw on your organization’s strengths and aspirations, resulting in an inspiring visual identity that captures the essence of your organization and it is appropriate for your market. Included in the Brand Visuals service is a design implementation framework. This practical guide demonstrates how to make the most of your new visual identity, giving advice on how it should be used in all materials, including usage in offline and online environments and also on manipulating its size and color.

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