Corporate Social Responsibility - Halima Group


Our Corporate Social Responsibilities

Inside People
People are our inspiration. We want to celebrate their achievement and talents as if they were our own.

Solution for People
We are maintaining good Communication, Time & Stress Management, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene solution for people.

Employee Councils is the main channel of communication between the employees and management that’s the reason we are taking initiative for this.

Blood Donation
Employee of Halima Group are given blood to needed people.

Good Practice
We are given equal opportunity, salary and remuneration to both men and women. Also maintaining honest and open relationships with our employees is very important for us.

Take Care for Own People
Our large number of associates lives in villages where we gave them Safe and Healthy life

Recreational facility for employees
We have central food court, Jim Facility and so more for employee

We are providing free medical facility for our employee and Support to Education


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